HD3  Pro Tools

Analog Summing Tube Tech SSA 2B

Studer  analog 2 track tape mixing deck

C24 mixing surface w total automation and recall

API pre-amplification, EQs and compressors 

Lynx  Aurora conversion

Input through  API Neotek , Universal Audio, Neve,   FMR

Outboard Analog Processing by API, Studer, Tube TechEmpirical Labs,

SPL,  AKAIRolandMic Mix,  Sony,  Urei,  OberheimE-MU

Microphones by RCA, NeumannBeyerdynamicsShure , AKG, Earthworks, many more.

We use vintage and modern microphones:  ribbon, carbon, contact, dynamic and vacuum tube condenser microphones.

Also, “Mechanical Filtering” technique is our speciallty! (a la Froom-Blake)

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